For Former Instructors

1. On-line Application

Applicants must confirm or update previously submitted information, fill out specified sections, and send updated application materials. Please note that applicants need not follow the written order of the sections:

  1. Westgate Program
    Applicants must indicate the programs/positions that they would like to be considered for.

  2. Information Check
    Applicants must confirm or update previously submitted information. Additional information may be added.

  3. References
    At least one professional reference from recent work places/schools is required (references submitted directly through applicants will not be counted). Applicants will be asked to provide the following information for each referee:
    • The name of company/school (required)
    • The name and title (required)
    • E-mail address (required)
    • Fax number (optional)
    • Phone number (optional)
    We accept references — not restricted to teaching jobs — from employers/supervisors/teachers at previous work places/schools. In addition, we must receive at least one reference from the applicants' current or most recent EFL- or ESL-related teaching job.
    Our database system will automatically email questionnaires to the referees once the required information is submitted.

  4. Materials Required
    Applicants must send the following application materials. Submitted application materials will be kept confidential and will not be returned.
    • A digital photo image at high resolution or six 3.5cm x 4.5cm actual photos
    • A hard/digital copy of resume/CV
    Applicants will be required to send the following materials if there are any updates since leaving Westgate.
    • A photocopy/digital image of university diploma(s)
    • A photocopy/digital image of transcript/academic record/diploma supplement for university degree(s)
      (This can be submitted later than other materials if time is needed to obtain it. If your university does not issue such documents, please consult with us.)
    • A photocopy/digital image of EFL/ESL certificate or any teaching credentials
    • A photocopy/digital image of passport (valid through the employment contract)
    • A photocopy/digital image of residence card (if applicable)
    • A photocopy/digital image of visa (if applicable)
    • A photocopy/digital image of re-entry permit (if applicable)
  5. Check List

2. Interview

After we receive all of the application materials and references, we might request an interview. Interviews will be conducted over Microsoft Teams Meeting.


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