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Spring 2024 Now Recruiting - Overseas Candidates Welcome!

We are accepting applications for teaching positions: Calling all candidates willing to come to Japan or living here already!

Please read the Application Information for the Spring 2024 Term for more details.

We are also looking for back-up instructors who are willing to be put on a waiting list for the Fall 2023 term.


About the Program

International Career English Program

Westgate Corporation, founded in 1983, plays a major role in university education in Japan. Students are able to enhance their English communication skills, while taking part in a rewarding cultural exchange that broadens their perspectives on the world. Our International Career English Program prepares Japanese university students for on-the-job success. The university program features two main types of courses: extracurricular and accredited.

Extracurricular Courses

In extracurricular courses, instructors teach small classes five days a week in an intensive course that the university students have selected and paid for in addition to regular classes. Curriculum, including textbooks and daily lesson plans, is provided by Westgate. Instructors are required to follow the curriculum, yet are encouraged to be creative in their lesson planning. The focus is on improving oral communication skills.

Contract Periods
StartingEndingContract Length
Spring Termlate April/early Maylate July3 months
Fall Termmid-/late Septemberlate December3 months

Accredited Courses

In accredited courses, instructors teach credit-bearing classes. Most are mandatory for the students, although elective classes are taught on some campuses. Details such as class size, lesson length and the textbooks vary from campus to campus. In most accredited classes, though the emphasis is on oral communication, some courses may include reading and writing practice. We also provide an English teacher education program for students studying to become teachers

Contract Periods
StartingEndingContract Length
Spring Termlate March/early Aprillate July3-5 months
Fall Termearly/mid- Septemberlate December/late January3-5 months
* Contract period depends on the position offered.
* Some positions ending in early August (spring term) or early February (fall term) may be available.


  • University graduate with a bachelor's and/or more advanced degree and one of the following:
    1. EFL/ESL classroom teaching experience along with EFL/ESL teaching certificate and/or elementary/primary/secondary teaching credentials/qualifications
    2. 1000+ hours of actual EFL/ESL classroom teaching experience in lieu of teaching certificate or credentials/qualifications
* No Japanese language ability is required.
* Non-EFL/ESL teaching experience may be considered.

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