Recommendation/Reference Letter Request Form

To request a recommendation or reference letter, please provide the following information.
We will do our best to issue the reference within a week or two after we receive all of the necessary information from you.
If you are working for us for the first time, the reference will be sent within one month of the completion of the employment contract if you notify the HR Department at least one week before the last day of the contract.
If you request a reference to be sent to more than five (5) addressees, it may take longer than the time frame specified above.
Please note that letters addressed to a specific addressee will be sent directly by Westgate, not to the instructor who made the request.
* Required Character Limit
Passport Name First Name* (Robert) /50
Middle Name (Andrew-jason) /50
Last Name* (Mcdonald) /50
Date of Birth* ,
E-mail Address* /200
Your Last Employment with Westgate
Contract Period , - ,
Name of Assigned School/Position /50
Name of Addressee* /50
Job Title of Addressee* (e.g. Human Resources Manager)
Name of School/Company you are applying to*
Deadline (if applicable) ,
Should we wait until the school/company contacts us?*
Yes No
How should we send the letter?*
Specify the purpose of the letter and/or describe the position/study program you are applying for. If you have any particular instructions that you would like us to follow, please include them here.*
Official letters of recommendation or reference are based upon overall evaluations and observations by your direct supervisors. Please note that it is strictly prohibited for any Instructor to request letters of reference or recommendation directly from any of the client schools, or from your present or former students. We also ask that you do not allow prospective employers or any other school/course to which you are applying contact any of Westgate's client schools or their personnel or any of your current or former students to serve as a reference for you.

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