Teaching Online


E-Learning tutors work from home and evaluate learners’ results from five oral assignments (conducted by telephone/internet phone) and five written assignments (submitted by email), totaling 10 assignments in 10 weeks. Tutors email subsequent feedback reports to students.


Westgate developed its E-Learning curriculum to teach students English through a combination of online study materials and one-on-one interaction with a tutor. Students study useful phrases, build vocabulary and learn how to communicate both in the workplace and in daily conversation. Online activities, alongside written and oral communication with the tutor, reinforce the lessons. Students target their weak areas by selecting from a range of online sub materials. The E-Learning curriculum is a great way for students to enhance proficiency in speaking, listening, and writing.

Within a 30-minute time slot for each learner, you will do the following:

  • Speaking assignment: conduct a 10-minute assignment on the telephone and write a feedback report in 20 minutes.
  • Writing assignment: evaluate a submitted assignment and write a feedback report in 30 minutes.
    Additional time to update learner lists is included in each 30-minute time slot.

Working schedules will vary from day to day depending on the learner's needs and on the tutor's availability, but the following slots are the most likely: morning slots (9:00-13:00) and evening slots (19:00-23:00). The tutor's daily work schedule will be provided by the Customer Support staff before the course starts.

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