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Spring 2024 Now Recruiting - Overseas Candidates Welcome!

We are accepting applications for teaching positions: Calling all candidates willing to come to Japan or living here already!

Please read the Application Information for the Spring 2024 Term for more details.



Westgate can arrange a private room in a social residence for instructors who need accommodation in Japan for their period of employment. Westgate takes care of all initial costs required to set up the housing lease, including key money, deposits, maintenance fees, utility charges, internet charges, appliance/facility/furnishing costs, and so on. The ¥81,000 rental fee for instructors is inclusive of all the above-mentioned costs and charges. Rent payment will be prorated for any partial employment period. Instructors agree to move out of the accommodation on the last day of their employment contracts. The location depends on the school or campus the instructor is assigned to, and also on the availability of suitable short-term lease housing options. All school placement decisions are made by Westgate.

Social residences are large residential buildings with private rooms for occupants, but which generally feature communal laundry facilities and other shared spaces. There are typically more than 30 rooms in a social residence and occupants other than Westgate employees will also reside there. Tableware and facilities for cooking are also provided. Private rooms will feature either a bed or a Japanese-style futon (approx. 90cm x 200cm) and items such as sheets, a comforter/top cover, a pillow and pillowcase will be provided. Some rooms may come with some furnishings such as a desk, a clothes rack or closet, and/or a refrigerator.

Instructors can also arrange their own housing in Japan. However, the location of the accommodation would need to be approved in advance. Additionally, for instructors who request for their accommodation to be arranged by Westgate, but who do not wish to live in the social residence style of accommodation, we can arrange a single studio apartment for ¥98,000 a month, inclusive of all costs and charges.

Internet Access

Westgate-provided housing is equipped with Internet access, but we cannot confirm the type of connection, wireless or wired, until each instructor's assignment and housing location are finalized. Westgate does not provide instructors with a computer, related devices or cables for personal use. Instructors placed in housing with a wired Internet set-up will be responsible for supplying any equipment that may be required, such as LAN cables or wireless routers.

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