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Recruitment for Fall 2021

We are still accepting applications for teaching positions on our programs from applicants who already reside in Japan. For the upcoming fall term, our online positions have now been filled, but we continue to accept applications, including from overseas applicants, who are willing to be on our back-up list. Please read the Application Information for the Fall 2021 Term for more details. Recruitment for the Spring 2022 term will begin in October. More details about recruitment for that term will be available on the website at that time.

To minimize the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19, the majority of Westgate staff are currently working remotely. As a result, if you try to contact us by phone, there may not be any members of staff available to take your call.

Please feel free to contact us via the online inquiry form or by email at westgate_recruiter@westgate.co.jp. Those who have already been put in touch with a recruiter, please contact them by email as usual.

August 6, 2021


Westgate provides its instructors with a studio apartment with basic furnishings (see below). The monthly rent amount of ¥ 81,000, which also includes utilities and the monthly housing maintenance fee, will be deducted from the instructor's monthly payment. Rent payment will be prorated for any partial employment period. Instructors agree to move out of the apartment on the last day of their employment contract. The location depends on the school the instructor is assigned to, and also on availability of suitable short-term lease housing options. All school placement decisions are made by Westgate.

The Westgate arranged housing includes the following:

  • Major Appliances: Heater and air conditioner, TV, refrigerator, cooking stove (without oven), microwave, washing machine
  • Bedding: Bed or futon (approx. 90 cm x 200 cm), sheets, comforter/top cover, pillow, pillowcase
  • Cookware: Pot, frying pan, kitchen knife, cutting board
  • Tableware: Bowls, spoon, fork, cup
  • Laundry supplies: Clothes hangers, drying hanger with pins
  • Others: Trash can/rubbish bin, 2 rolls of toilet paper
Note: Furnishings and items may vary from apartment to apartment and are subject to change at a later date.

Internet Access

Westgate-provided apartments are equipped with Internet access, but we cannot confirm the type of connection, wireless or wired, until each instructor's assignment and housing location are finalized. Westgate does not provide instructors with a computer, related devices or cables for personal use. Instructors placed in housing with a wired Internet set-up will be responsible for supplying any equipment that may be required, such as LAN cables or wireless routers.

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