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Spring 2024 Now Recruiting - Overseas Candidates Welcome!

We are accepting applications for teaching positions: Calling all candidates willing to come to Japan or living here already!

Please read the Application Information for the Spring 2024 Term for more details.

We are also looking for back-up instructors who are willing to be put on a waiting list for the Fall 2023 term.


About the Programs

Young Learners English Program / Secondary School English Program

Solo Teaching Positions

In the Young Learners and the Secondary School English Programs, Westgate entrusts you with the responsibility of being the sole instructor in the classroom. You have an opportunity to create a nurturing study environment for students at the beginning of their journey into English. It's an exciting challenge that immerses you in the Japanese school system while expanding your teaching skills.


Young Learners English Program (teaching students ages 7 through 12)

At Westgate, we favor a communicative approach to language learning. Students engage with each other and the teacher through a variety of activities drawing on the things that already interest them. Language practiced in a meaningful context leads to better retention.

Our program was designed around the three stages of a typical language learner's development. These stages carry students from a sense of play to one of mastery:

1st StagePlay in English Students develop listening skills with sustained exposure to English. Playing games, singing songs, reading picture books aloud—all happens with the goal of learning.
2nd StageLearn English Students develop basic conversation skills by acquiring new vocabulary, phrases, and simple speech patterns. They also improve their listening and speaking skills.
3rd StageTasks in English Students gain proficiency in reading and writing while becoming functionally proficient in speaking English.


Secondary School English Program (teaching students ages 13 through 18)

Westgate also provides its program to middle/secondary schools affiliated with our client universities. The curriculum has been adapted to enrich lessons taught separately by the Japanese English teachers. In our classes, students put what they learn into action under the guidance of Westgate instructors.

Contract Periods

Both Young Learners and Secondary School English Programs
StartingEndingContract Length
Spring Termlate Marchlate July4 months
Fall Termlate AugustMarch of the following year7 months
One School Yearlate MarchMarch of the following year12 months


  • University graduate with a bachelor's and/or more advanced degree and one of the following:
    1. 500+ hours of actual EFL/ESL classroom teaching experience along with EFL/ESL teaching certificate and/or elementary/primary/secondary teaching credentials/qualifications
    2. 1000+ hours of actual EFL/ESL classroom teaching experience in lieu of teaching certificate or credentials/qualifications
  • Some classroom teaching experience with young learners (for Young Learners positions)

* No Japanese language ability is required.
* Non-EFL/ESL teaching experience may be considered.

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