Message from President

Westgate Corporation began in 1983 as a company dedicated to English education reform in Japan. COVID-19 hasn’t changed our mandate. We have simply modified our approach, providing online support so instructors can deliver effective lessons via remote teaching if need be. As always, we strive to produce fluent English speakers for a global society.

There is a real need for passionate educators with a talent for turning students into proactive scholars and critical thinkers which is something the Japanese education system doesn't always effectively foster. We aim to fill the gap and to broaden students' cross-cultural awareness while sharpening their English skills. The students will be equipped to flourish in a global society, and some will go on to teach English themselves, only strengthening the foundation of language teaching in Japan. Targeting these outcomes, we provide an International Career English Program for universities, a Secondary School English Program for junior high schools and high schools, and a Young Learners English Program for elementary schools. But language education is not enough: we need to cultivate active young minds and transform students into global leaders. That cultivation is exactly what we think our Westgate instructors deliver.

Westgate — as our name suggests — is a gateway not only for students, but for instructors. We have granted thousands of instructors a successful entry into the competitive world of university education, and that, along with our elementary and secondary programs, has created opportunities for our instructors to be important role models for students at every stage of their development. Peerless training and staff support create a nurturing environment for instructors to realize their full creative teaching potential, all while enjoying the enviable cultural experience that Japan has to offer.

The success of our English programs would not be possible without excellent instructors. Westgate offers a serious milestone in career development in exchange for the dedication of any highly motivated teaching professional eager to flourish in a global academic institution. I invite you to join us.

Masanori Okada
Westgate Corporation

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